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The Olstein Funds: Our Second Decade In Review
On September 21, 2015, the Olstein Funds passed a significant milestone as it celebrated its twentieth anniversary. To celebrate this milestone we have published a compilation of excerpts from our letters to shareholders, which highlight key elements of our investment philosophy and approach. Read More.

Finding Value in Corporate Turnarounds
Corporate turnarounds are among the most intriguing of investment opportunities: They offer both the potential of market-beating performance and the satisfaction that comes with backing an underdog and then seeing it prevail—of finding value where others did not. Read More.

Evolution of an Investment – From Idea to Portfolio Holding
We are continuously searching for opportunities to invest in companies that possess the balance sheet strength, competitive advantages, operating efficiencies and appreciation potential that we believe will help us achieve our investment objectives. Read More.

What Is Activist Investing? A Catalyst for Change
Activist investing is a unique form of value investing targeting companies that have significantly underperformed their peers or the overall market for a considerable period of time. Activist investors make substantial minority investments in the common stocks of such companies with the stated intent of influencing company management to take specific steps to increase shareholder value. Read More.

Reversing Course Requires Distinct Skill and Focused Plan
Although companies facing temporary problems can usually improve investor perception within a short period of time, an underperforming company steeped in negative sentiment must usually embark on a focused transformation that forces significant changes to the way it approaches its business. Read More.

A Careful Reading of Shareholder Letters
While most investors usually pore over the pages and pages of financial data that companies provide, they often overlook or skim the "Letter to Shareholders" at the beginning of each annual or quarterly report. Read More.

The Impact of the Quality of Earnings on Valuing Companies
Featuring Olstein's Top 20 Accounting Alerts.  It is an investment analyst’s job to determine the economic realism of management’s assumptions and to eliminate management biases by making the appropriate adjustments to reported earnings data. Read More.

Controlling Volatility – A High Wire Act Without a Net
While the possibility of a real loss of capital is, and should be, a major concern to all investors, many of the complex strategies developed to control volatility subject investors to additional, undisclosed risks which could result in a permanent loss of capital. Read More.

Reality Check: Accounting Alerts Every Investor Should Know
A keen understanding of corporate reporting practices, combined with an investor’s ability to identify early warning signs of future earnings disappointments or pleasant surprises, can increase the odds of investment success. Read More.

Are You a Speculator or Value Investor?
The long-term value investor attempts to capitalize on market fluctuations by buying stocks at bargain prices created by short-term issues that are either cyclical in nature, the result of short-term problems, reaction to negative market psychology or just plain investor misperception. Read More.