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“Analyzing a Company's Ability to Generate Free Cash Flow,” The Wall Street Transcript, March 18, 2019: Eric Heyman and Tim Kang discuss how Olstein analyzes the ability of small- to mid-sized companies to generate free cash flow in the face of strategic challenges.  Olstein's in-depth analysis seeks to identify both positive and negative factors that may mask or obscure a company's true cash flow potential

“Value Investor Bob Olstein: Quarterly Earnings Estimates by Companies Should be ‘Illegal,’” CNBC, June 7, 2018: Olstein calls for an end to quarterly earnings estimates & guidance and explains why he believes this practice is harmful to investors.

“Investing in the Undervalued Stocks of SMID Companies,” The Wall Street Transcript, December 28, 2017: Eric Heyman and Tim Kang discuss how Olstein identifies and analyzes small- to mid-sized companies that have been unfairly punished by short-term factors. The market's reaction to SMID companies that stumble creates unique investment opportunities for long-term value investors.

“Seeking Solid Businesses Facing Strategic Challenges,” The Wall Street Transcript, April 10, 2017: Eric Heyman discusses how Olstein's 'looking-behind-the-numbers' approach and emphasis on quality of earnings, helps identify favorable investment opportunities in companies facing strategic challenges.

“Strategic in Corporate Turnarounds,” Ticker, March 9, 2017: Eric Heyman explains how Olstein finds value in companies facing temporary problems or in need of an operational turnaournd.

“Approaching Investments from an Owner's Perspective,” The Wall Street Transcript, September 26, 2016: Eric Heyman discuss the importance of approaching an investment opportunity from the perspective of an owner focused on the ability of a business to generate free cash flow.

“Advantages of Value Investing,” Wall Street Week on FoxBusiness, April 22, 2016: In a 30-minute feature interview, Bob Olstein discusses his approach to value investing and where Olstein is finding value in the market.

"Analyzing Financial Statements to Understand the Health of a Business," The Wall Street Transcript, January 18, 2016: Eric Heyman and Tim Kang discuss the importance of analyzing financial statements and public disclosures to understand a business and its challenges.

"Evaluating the Quality of Earnings," Wall Street Week Newsletter, August 11, 2015: In this article, WSW host Anthony Scaramucci discusses the importance of the quality of earnings when assessing a company's free cash flow and determining its value.

“Robert Olstein on Valuing Companies,” Wall Street Week (Episode 16), August 9, 2015: Bob Olstein discusses the process for valuing companies in this 30-minute feature interview with Anthony Scaramucci and Gary Kaminsky.

"Is Boring Beautiful?," Value Investor Insight,, April 30 2015: Eric Heyman discusses the merits of Brady Corp, in this issue’s ‘Uncovering Value’ feature.

"Value in Turnaround Situations," Ticker,, April 6, 2015: Eric Heyman discusses the Olstein Strategic Opportunities Fund approach to investing in turnaround situations.

"Unloved, but Cash Rich,", April 2, 2015: In this ‘Mutual Fund Snapshot’ feature, Eric Heyman discusses the Olstein Strategic Opportunities Fund emphasis on a company’s ability to generate free cash flow.

"The Mutual Fund that Reads Like a Cheat Sheet for Activists," Reuters, October 14, 2014: This profile of the Olstein Strategic Opportunities Fund discusses how a significant number of the Fund's holdings, past and present, have become targets of big-name shareholder activists.

“Value Investor Olstein Calls For Elimination of Adjusted Earnings,” CNBC, April 22, 2014: In an interview with CNBC, Robert Olstein calls for an end to companies reporting their adjusted earnings.

“A Case for Not Talking to Management,” Investment News, March 17, 2014: In this by-lined article, Eric Heyman explains why Olstein avoids management contact when assessing the issues affecting a company's prospects and value.

“Beating the Market, as a Reachable Goal,” The New York Times, December 8, 2013: Robert Olstein discusses the rise of momentum investing and why he favors investing in undervalued companies with high free cash flow yields.

“Olstein: This is the Biggest Investment Myth,” Yahoo Finance, September 30, 2013: Robert Olstein tackles three investment myths in a series of video interviews conducted by CNBC host Brian Sullivan and posted to Yahoo Finance's Talking Numbers online learning center.

Why Entegris Could Clean Up,” Barron's, July 13, 2013: Eric Heyman describes the growth potential for this undervalued semiconductor equipment and materials company.

"How To Unlock That Stashed Foreign Cash," The New York Times, March 24, 2013: Robert Olstein recommends repatriating foreign cash held on corporate balance sheets and discusses ways companies can deploy that cash to the benefit of shareholders.

“Technical Analysis Led to Extinction of Fundamental Analysis - Almost,” Investment Advisor, January 2013: In this bylined article, Robert Olstein discusses the pitfalls of getting caught up in today's trading mentality instead of valuing companies based on fundamentals and investing accordingly.

“Harman International and Express Stocks Look Ready For Rebound, Says Activist Investor,” Forbes, October 24, 2012: In this Q&A session with Wallace Forbes, Eric Heyman discusses the investment strategy and portfolio of the Olstein Strategic Opportunities Fund.

"Strength in Numbers," Value Investor Insight, April 30, 2012: John Heins' in-depth interview with Bob Olstein and Eric Heyman focuses on Olstein's inferential analysis of financial statements, accounting alerts and the ongoing search for value.

“Investors Turned Traders Give Up Their Edge,” MarketWatch, April 30, 2012: In this commentary piece, Bob Olstein discusses how the trading mentality prevalent in today's market has fostered shorter time horizons and greater price volatility, while at the same time creating significant investment opportunities for patient, long-term investors that understand the importance of valuing a company based on its long-term fundamentals.

“Harman Pumps Up the Volume,” Barron's, March 10, 2012: Bob Olstein discusses sources of value in Jack Willoughby's profile of Harman International.

“Quality Is Investors' No. 1 Job,”, March 7, 2012: In this video segment with Jonathan Burton, Bob Olstein discusses why investors need to focus on free cash flow and the quality of a company's earnings.

“Robert Olstein Positions for 2012: Looking for Hidden Balance Sheet Strength,”, January 2, 2012: Bob Olstein provides this highly regarded investing blog his investment outlook, themes and portfolio strategy for 2012.

“James Glassman's 10 Picks for 2012,” Kiplinger's Personal Finance, January 2012: In his Opening Shot column, James Glassman highlights an Olstein holding, Ruby Tuesday, as one of his top ten stock picks for 2012.

“Olstein: Large-Cap Quality Still on Sale,”, June 1, 2011: In this video segment with Morningstar editor Jason Stipp, Bob Olstein discusses how certain companies still look attractive in light of their safety, dividend yields, and competitive advantages.

“Olstein: Three Names with More Room to Run,”, June 1, 2011: In this video segment with Morningstar editor Jason Stipp, Bob Olstein makes the case for Microsoft, Macy's, and Dr Pepper Snapple.

“Four Reasons to Fill Up on Dr. Pepper Snapple,” Fortune, May 23, 2011: Bob Olstein discusses the unrecognized value in Dr. Pepper Snapple Group in Fortune's Anatomy of a Trade feature.

“Depreciation: An Appreciation,” Barron's, May 2, 2011: Bob Olstein and Eric Heyman discuss how depreciation, as reported to shareholders, can overstate or understate a company's cash earnings.

“Macy's Biggest Bargain: It's Shares,” Barron's, May 2, 2011: Bob Olstein discusses Macy's ability to generate free cash flow in Barron's profile of the retailer's operating turnaround.

“Accountable Investor,” Morningstar Advisor, February/March 2011: Morningstar profiles Bob Olstein in its “Ten Questions” feature.

“Activist Tack Suits Value Fund,” The Wall Street Journal, October 19, 2010: Eric Heyman discusses the approach of the Olstein Strategic Opportunities Fund in this Fund Track feature.

What You Can Learn From Shareholder Letters,The AAII Journal, October 2010: Eric Heyman explains how Olstein analyzes company communications to assess management's strategy and performance.

“A Wealth of Choices for a Value Investor,” The New York Times, September 12, 2010: Robert Olstein discusses the importance of free cash flow when sorting through the investment opportunities offered by recent market turmoil.

Don't Overlook Shareholder Letters,Investment News, August 30, 2010: Robert Olstein discusses how a thoughtful review of company communications can provide valuable insights into management's priorities and a company's financial health.

“Change Agents,” Ticker, June 3, 2010: Ticker’s FundScreen features an in-depth interview with Eric Heyman discussing the investment approach and process of the Olstein Strategic Opportunities Fund.

“Wealth of Experience,” Value Investor Insight, May 28, 2010: Robert Olstein is one of five leading value investors who discuss his insights on the lessons learned from the recent financial crisis, as well as the risks and opportunities he considers most important in today’s market environment.

Down to the Letter,Value Investor Insight, May 28, 2010: In their “Editor’s Letter” John Heins and Whitney Tilson highlight an important qualitative aspect of Olstein’s forensic analysis -- a careful reading of the shareholder letter section of a company’s annual report.

“Investing in All Cap Value and Strategic Opportunities,” The Wall Street Transcript, April 19, 2010: Co-Portfolio Manager, Eric Heyman discusses the investment approach and strategy of the Olstein All Cap Value and Olstein Strategic Opportunities Funds in this comprehensive interview.

“Why All Earnings Are Not Equal,” The New York Times, January 10, 2010: Gretchen Morgenson discusses how veteran money manager Robert Olstein dissects financial statements to uncover stocks he thinks other investors are valuing improperly.

“Olstein Fund Bets on Consumer,”, September 1, 2009: Eric Heyman reflects on the market and discusses companies in the Olstein Strategic Opportunities Fund portfolio.

“Behind Bob Olstein’s Comeback,”, August 17, 2009: Karyn McCormack discusses how the harsh reality check of the market crash prompted a reevaluation of strategy for the Olstein All Cap Value Fund.

“A Healthy Wealth Manager,” BusinessWeek, July 13 & 20, 2009: Inside Wall Street Columnist, Gene Marcial discusses his weekly stock recommendation, AllianceBernstein Holding, with Bob Olstein.

“A Stock with a Post-Industrial Future,” Barron’s Daily Stock Alert, July 8, 2009: Fleming Meeks, Editor of Barron’s Daily Stock Alert discusses the transformation of Teleflex with Bob Olstein.

“Behind the Numbers at Home Depot,” Barron’s Daily Stock Alert, June 30, 2009:Bob Olstein discusses hidden earnings potential at Home Depot.

“Value Investing & Shareholder Activism,” The Wall Street Transcript, July 28, 2008: Eric Heyman and Tim Ermi discuss Olstein’s approach to activist investing.

“Teleflex: The Surgery Was Successful,” BusinessWeek, July 7, 2008: Inside Wall Street Columnist, Gene Marcial discusses his weekly stock recommendation, Teleflex Inc., with Bob Olstein.

“Old Pro Weighs In on Earnings Quality,” The Wall Street Journal, April 19, 2008: Bob Olstein’s former co-author of the Quality of Earnings Report, discusses the current market environment and quality of corporate earnings.

“LIVE! from New York, SmartMoney Annual Investor Roundtable,” SmartMoney, January 2008: For its sixth annual investor roundtable, SmartMoney assembled a diverse group of market-beating money managers to discuss the US economy and equity markets in 2008. This year’s roundtable included the Olstein Funds founder and chairman, Robert A. Olstein.

“Conversation with a Money Master: Free Cash Flow and Quality of Earnings,” Webcast from the Equity Research and Valuation Techniques Conference held on December 4, 2007: Robert Olstein and Fred H. Speece, Jr., CFA, discuss: valuation and inferential financial statement analysis, free cash flow and the Quality of Earnings.

“Ferreting out Accounting Problems Helps Olstein,” Chicago Tribune, September 5, 2007: Syndicated columnist Andrew Leckey discusses the Olstein All Cap Value Fund in response to a reader question.

Winning Over and Over and Over,” Kiplinger’s, September 2007: Under the heading “Double-Digit Demons,” Kiplinger’s list of funds that delivered double-digit returns in at least 80% of calendar years (through December 31, 2006) includes Olstein All Cap Value Fund.

“My Stock’s in Turnaround,” Financial Planning, September 2007: Written by Olstein Funds’ founder and chairman, Robert A. Olstein, this article discusses the challenges of investing in corporate turnarounds, identifies favorable factors that an investor should seek in such situations and alerts that a company may not be able reverse its decline.

“Dog Days,” Forbes, September 3, 2007: A profile of the All Cap Value Fund and summary of corporate turnaround situations in which Olstein has invested.

“Finally, Some Stocks Look like Bargains,” Barron’s, August 27, 2007: In this feature interview, Robert Olstein discusses investment opportunities in beaten-down stocks with sterling prospects for free cash flow generation.

“The RadioShack Lesson,” Fortune, May 25, 2007: Jon Birger provides an update on an investment Robert Olstein recommended for Fortune’s 2007 Investor’s Guide (published six months earlier) and conveys the lesson he learned from this unorthodox recommendation.

“Funds See Room for Change at Companies,” Associated Press, April 17, 2007: AP Business Writer Tim Paradis explores the “less visible” activism pursued by mutual funds that press quietly and diplomatically for change. Co-portfolio manager, Eric Heyman discusses the activist approach of the Olstein Strategic Opportunities Fund.

“Which Way Forward for Underperforming Companies,” Financial Week, April 16, 2007: Written by Eric Heyman, co-portfolio manager of the Olstein Strategic Opportunities Fund, this article discusses Olstein’s approach to analyzing and investing in corporate turnarounds.

“A New Day at RadioShack,” Barron’s, March 26, 2007: Robert Olstein comments on the turnaround in company operations and performance at RadioShack under the leadership of its new CEO and Chairman.

“Gadflies Get Respect,” The New York Times, January 5, 2007: A discussion of leading activist investors includes the Olstein Strategic Opportunities Fund.

“This Manager is Heard, and Heeded,” The New York Times, December 3, 2006: An in-depth profile of the Olstein Strategic Opportunity Fund includes a discussion of Olstein’s approach to shareholder activism and a review of specific activist holdings.

“Weighing Options with Robert Olstein,”, June 12, 2006: Robert Olstein weighs in on the options-backdating scandal.

“A Blanket View of Balance Sheets,”, May 28, 2006: In the second installment of a series on delving deeper into a company’s financial statements, Eric Heyman outlines the lessons an investor can learn from a company’s balance sheet.

“Cutting through Form 10-Q’s,”, May 13, 2006: Director of Research, Eric Heyman provides a tutorial on understanding the valuable information contained in a company’s quarterly 10Q filing.

“Stocks Are Like Shoes: Quality Matters,” USA Today, April 27, 2006: Robert Olstein discusses the impact of the Quality of Earnings on valuing companies.

“Forensic Accounting: For Robert Olstein, the Primary Research Goal is to always follow the Money,” Financial Advisor, June 2006: Robert Olstein discusses six accounting alerts that can help an investor unmask a company’s true financial health.

“Shareholder Activism: Are Mutual Funds Joining the Activist Fray?” Directorship, March 2006: An overview of four mutual funds with “demonstrating activist inclinations by taking part in noteworthy shareholder battles” includes the Olstein All Cap Value Fund.

“Sew Up this Play,”, January 25, 2006: In his Activist Track column, James Altucher highlights Olstein’s investment and 13D filing in JoAnn Stores.

“Some Mutual Funds Are Joining the Activist Bandwagon,” The New York Times, January 15, 2006:
A discussion of mutual funds that engage in shareholder activism includes the Olstein All Cap Value Fund.

“Reality Check: Accounting Alerts for Investment Advisors,” The CPA Journal, January 2006: Robert Olstein identifies the accounting smokescreens companies use to disguise problems and outlines the adjustments an investor must make to reported earnings to obtain an accurate picture of a company’s economic reality and investment potential.

Any references to securities are for illustrative purposes and not buy or sell recommendations. Click here for a recent listing of the Olstein All Cap Value Fund's top holdings. Click here for a listing of the Olstein Strategic Opportunities Funds's top holdings.