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Shares of the Olstein All Cap Value Fund and the Olstein Strategic Opportunities Fund are offered to investors through financial professionals such as brokers, advisers and fee-based financial planners. We believe financial professionals can offer consistent, sound advice for structuring an investment portfolio that helps you achieve your long term investment objectives. We maintain a close relationship with the financial professionals who offer the Olstein Funds so that they, and their clients, stay informed and up-to-date regarding the funds’ investment strategies and portfolio holdings. Ask your financial advisor about investing with the Olstein Funds.
Opening a Mutual Fund Account with Olstein
It is not necessary to purchase shares of Olstein All Cap Value Fund
or Olstein Strategic Opportunities Fund through a broker or financial advisor. If you wish to invest directly in one of our funds, please proceed
to the FORMS AND DOCUMENTS section for a Funds prospectus and Account Application. However, we believe that it important to have professional advice when planning your investment strategy. Since we cannot provide investment advice directly to individual investors, we believe
that a financial professional can help you develop a balanced investment plan and urge you to consider working with a financial professional to achieve your investment goals.
The Olstein Funds are suitable for investors with a longer-term investment outlook of three to five years. Olstein’s accounting-driven value-oriented approach requires discipline – the discipline to follow your convictions when faced with the negative market psychology that usually surrounds undervalued companies – and patience – as the negative psychology and misperceptions about a company slowly change. Olstein’s investment approach is designed for investors who have the patience to remain invested through market cycles and periods of price volatility.

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